About DJ Blitz

DJ Blitz is a Radio Host & DJ from Winnipeg, MB. He has opened for some of the biggest artists in the entertainment industry including Lil Jon, and he was selected as one of the DJs for Rihanna's VIP party at her 2016 Bell MTS Place concert. Blitz has been nominated for several awards such as "DJ of the Year" and "Best Social Media Presence". DJ Blitz has interviewed several celebrities including Lights, Portugal. The Man, Chantal Jeffries, Scott Helman, and Felix Cartal.


In 2019, a tweet about DJ Blitz went viral worldwide, reaching 400,000 retweets. The tweet remains one of the most retweeted in history. In 2021, DJ Blitz went viral across North America and caught the attention of Justin Bieber and Sean Paul who both posted one of Blitz's TikTok videos on their social media platforms. In 2021, DJ Blitz appeared on the Dr. Oz show when his viral TikTok that hit 20 million views was featured